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21st Apr 2017

Are YOU the ‘girl with the big smile’? If so, this man would like to meet you

And they say romance is dead.

A wannabe Romeo has placed posters at a bus stop in Dublin in an attempt to get in touch with a woman who caught his eye last month.

Spotted by the Irish Independent, the laminated posters bearing a message to ‘the girl with the BIG smile’ appeared at the Melville Road bus stop in Finglas.

It seems the woman disembarked the 140 bus near Glasnevin cemetery on Saturday, April 15th but sadly, the love-struck Casanova didn’t have the courage to approach her and say hello.

The message reads:

“I didn’t realise it was you until you got off the bus. You sat on the back seat, had a beautiful BIG smile, were wearing a black skirt, black tights and flat cream coloured shoes.

“You got off the bus near Glasnevin Cemetery and it was only then that I realised it WAS you!!! I’M SO STUPID!!!”

Some might say it’s a little full-on but at least the reluctant Juliet now knows which bus stop to avoid if she’s not enamoured…

Image: Irish Independent

“If you are reading this I will be on the 140 bus service going to Dublin City at this stop on Saturday, 22nd April at 09.20.” writes the mystery man.

“If you are interested we can meet HERE or you can come to the house you saw me going into almost FOUR weeks ago.

“Do you remember??? ;-)”