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07th Feb 2014

Family Of Teenager Who Died Following “Neknomination” Challenge Will Appear On The Late Late Show Tonight

The family will appear on the show tonight...

The family of teenager Jonny Byrne, who died following a “neknomination” challenge, will appear on the Late Late Show tonight.

According to the Irish Independent, the show will feature a panel discussion on the “Neknomination” craze which contributed to the young hurler’s death.

The family have decided to talk about the painful event less than a week after Jonny drowned in the River Barrow. According to reports, Jonny jumped into the river as part of the “Neknomination” dare.


His older brother, Patrick, jumped in after Jonny to try to save his life, but was nearly drowned himself in the incident.

The family have openly discussed the “neknomination” and have appealed to Facebook to remove the pages which are dedicated to the craze on the social network.

In the homily at Jonny’s funeral according to the Irish Examiner, Father Lalor commented: “People need to be brave. People need to say no. Find there is a greatness in this. You have heard of ‘the power of one’. Just as this craze is supposed to have been started by one person, it can be stopped by one person. Let you be that person. If you are faced with this challenge, be strong, be great, and make a worthwhile contribution. You owe it to Jonathan Byrne.”

The Late Late Show will air on RTE1 tonight at 9.30pm.