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30th Jan 2017

Dublin Bus is making changes that will help with your daily commute


They don’t want your cash.

Dublin Bus have been urging customers to switch from cash to Leap cards for a few years now and they’re hoping to go fully cashless in between three and five years.

According to the Herald, the National Transport Authority wants to follow the example of London which has eliminated cash fares.

The NTA say 70% of all bus journeys in Dublin are paid by Leap card at the moment, but increasing that to 100% would be a big help in reducing travel times across the city.

You know yourself, the queue to get on the bus builds when that guy is looking for 20c at the bottom of his wallet. I’m that guy by the way. Hi.

The NTA is also considering allowing people to buy tickets in shops before they get on the bus so the driver has nothing else to worry about except driving.

The planned changes should be in place between 2020 and 2022.


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