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15th Aug 2016

Dara O Briain just crushed an internet troll with this brutal comeback



We might need a new emoji to capture our response to this, because the ‘hand clap’, ‘nail’ or ‘fire’ emojis just are not going to cut it here.

You may be aware that Dara O Briain is currently co-hosting the BBC’s revamped version of Robot Wars on Sunday evenings, alongside his countrywoman Angela Scanlon.

The show, which originally aired on BBC and Channel 5 in the early ’00s, has been a big hit since its revival, though not everyone is a fan, it seems.

Before yesterday’s show, one Twitter user, @zmacageM, expressed his dismay that O Briain was hosting the series, writing, “Was looking forward to getting stuck into Robot Wars, until I found out that annoying cunt Dara O Briain was in it”.

Oh dear, @zmacageM: don’t @ Dara O Briain in your tweet unless you want to bring down his full wrath upon your head.

Which is precisely what happened.

O Briain shared this screengrab of his response early on Monday morning.

As for @zmacageM, he seemed delighted to have provoked the response.

He then tried to make light of the encounter, which only earned another O Briain burn.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 08.34.47

Kudos Dara. And long may the “your mother” comeback reign.