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07th Nov 2016

CCTV footage captures the chilling moment predator takes girl from Dublin club

CCTV footage obtained by The Sun captures the chilling moment a sexual predator escorts a drunk and vulnerable girl from Dicey’s nightclub in Dublin.

Rafael Tiso is seen putting an arm around the girl and apparently telling staff that he would look after her. Security help lead the girl outside where Tiso then escorts her down Montague Lane.

31-year-old Tiso, who originates from Brazil, is caught leading the girl who appears disorientated and heavily under the influence. At one point the girl stumbles, reaching for the wall for support.

The girl was assaulted by Tiso down the lane and later discovered by two passersby’s.

The victim was assulated so badly by Tiso that she now wears a colostomy bag and is unable to give birth naturally. The strangers that found her describe seeing blood pumping from her head as she lay in drain water.

A source told The Sun:

“He left her lying in a pool of blood and her soaking in a drain. When she was found they thought she was dead.

“There’s no doubt this was a pre-meditated attack. He said he was taking care of her but within five minutes he was raping her.”

In footage also captured, Tiso is seen walking back into the club from the lane way. According to reports, he was later kicked out by bouncers for groping women.

The Brazilian was arrested 8 days after the crime.

Upon his release he will be deported.

Superintendent Joe Gannon praised the strangers that found the victim.

“It’s clear advantage was taken of the victim to a dreadful depth and she was only spared the ultimate fate by the two caring individuals who found her. This case should be a stark reminder as we now enter the Christmas party season that those who go out together ensure that they come home together safely by not allowing anyone to stray from the flock.”

He added: “I hope the victim recovers somewhat from the physical and psychological trauma of this dreadful attack in time.

In a victim impact statement the woman said:

“I never imagined that one day this could be me.”

“I feel paranoid and sometimes I fear this will affect my mental health and I will lose control of my mind.”