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28th Jun 2017

Boots in the UK has now apologised for its controversial skin charts

People were NOT happy.

Boots has admitted that it made a mistake when displaying a recent skin chart to its customers.

A sun cream section of its UK branch had put up a list of skin types and the SPF that should be worn in correlation.

The chart listed six different options; sensitive, fair, normal, olive, brown, and black.

Over the weekend one Twitter user, called Simran, posted a photo of the chart, asking: ‘Just wondering what constitutes as a ‘normal’ skin colour and why brown and black is implied to be abnormal?’.

And his observation subsequently prompted a strong reaction on social.

In response to the controversy Boots took to Twitter to address the issue; the statement in full reads:

‘We’d like to thank our customers for bringing this isolated incident to our attention.We can confirm the content featured was not official Boots show material and we have removed the chart immediately.We apologise for any offence this has caused,’