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06th May 2016

Body of deceased Dubliner only discovered after man maggots fell into property below

The decomposed body of 54-year-old Daniel Curtain lay, undiscovered in his apartment for up to a month an inquest has heard.

According to The Irish Times, Curtain lived in a property in O’Brien Hall, Gardiner Street, Dublin 1. His remains were discovered on September 18th, 2014. Those who knew him described the man as a hoarder, and said his apartment was so full of rubbish that he often slept outside.

Edward Lynch lived directly below Curtain’s apartment and described how he discovered maggots falling from the ceiling on September 17th. When he went upstairs to investigate he noticed maggots crawling under the door and contacted Dublin City Council.

Guards discovered the remains of Daniel Curtain, badly decomposed on the bathroom floor. Interpol was utilised to identify the remains and contact the family of the deceased.

It was found that Curtain originated from New Jersey and was estranged from his ex-wife and son. The man’s sister also declined to be involved in the identification process.

Records indicated that Curtain has collapsed outside Starbucks on College Green on August 18th and had last been seen alive by a caretaker on August 22nd.

image via Google Maps.