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07th Nov 2015

Bobby Kerr Reveals Cancer Diagnosis On-Air Ahead Of Movember

The Newstalk presenter used the opportunity to urge male listeners to go get checked.


Insomnia Coffee Company chairman and Newstalk presenter Bobby Kerr has revealed he has been diagnosed with cancer.

The former Dragon’s Den star told listeners of the national radio station that he will be taking a break from the airwaves over the coming weeks to receive treatment for neck and head cancer.

Speaking on his flagshig business show ‘Down To Business’ the presenter addressed concerns adding:

“It’s only in one place and because it’s been caught early my chances of actually beating this increase incrementally.”

Embracing November as men’s cancer awareness month, Kerr decided to reveal his diagnosis to increase awareness and encourage men to get themselves checked:

“Why am I telling you this, what you’d consider a very personal and private piece of news? The reason’s simple: it’s Movember – it’s men’s health month, so get yourselves checked out. I did.”

Thanking his friends, wife and four daughters, the business mogul added:

“I’ve always considered myself a glass half-full kind of person and I believe life is for living.

“I’m blissfully co-habiting with five loving females – that’s my secret weapon in beating this.”

Kerr will return to the airwaves in 2016.

Lead image: Newstalk