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05th Mar 2016

Warning: Those Total Wipeout Ireland Events Are Likely To Be A Scam

Bad news folks!

Laura Holland

Earlier today we brought you the news that Total Wipeout Ireland looked to be coming to various locations throughout the country later in the year. 

It’s now come to our attention that it’s likely to be a scam.

The events were set up on Facebook with five different locations mentioned for the Total Wipeout Ireland challenges.

Apparently a similar scam happened in the UK where a University Wipeout Facebook event pages popped up but were only made to collect people’s data for a third party.

The International Business Times are reporting that students in the UK signed up to these pages where a Wipeout event was publicised and that it never went ahead.

Instead, the Facebook event may have allegedly passed on their details to a night club promoter.

So although we too got very excited about a possible Irish version of Total Wipeout we are staying well clear of this one in case it’s a scam and we advise you to also.