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04th May 2023

Here’s when parents will receive the Back to School Allowance Bonus

Kat O'Connor

The Back To School Allowance is set to be paid in the coming weeks.

The payment was introduced to help parents with the cost of school supplies, including uniforms and shoes.

The Government recently introduced a €100 bonus to help parents cope with the cost of living crisis. They will receive the general allowance, as well as the bonus, from July.

According to reports, parents can expect the payments to start rolling out in early July.

The payment is means-tested and is paid once a year to parents/guardians who qualify for the payment.

But how do I sign up for Back To School Allowance?

Parents and guardians must meet multiple conditions to qualify for the Back To School Allowance.

According to, you must already receive a qualifying social protection payment.

Or you should be in a training support scheme, approved employment, or education.

You also need to be in receipt of an increase for a qualified child (IQC) in respect of each child for whom the allowance is being claimed.

Children you’re claiming the allowance for must be aged between 4 and 17. You can receive the payment if they’re aged between 18 and 22 but only if they’re returning to second-level education.

The person’s household income will be means tested. It also needs to be within a set limit to qualify.

Those who apply for the allowance must remain in Ireland if they are approved. You cannot move to another country and must remain in Ireland to qualify.

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