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30th Jun 2014

Aussie Rugby Team Sack Player After Photograph Of Him Peeing In His Own Mouth Goes Viral

Yes, really. Also NSFW!


We really thought we had seen it all but nothing could prepare us for the fact that this Aussie Rugby League player decided it would be a good idea to pee in his own mouth.

Cronulla Sharks were forced to dismiss Toddy Carney yesterday after a photo of him peeing in his own mouth went viral. However, the player’s agent is claiming that Carney has been set up.

“It’s a set-up, like when people stand in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa,” David Riolo told radio station 2UE.

“Todd’s paid a very, very heavy price for a photo that he didn’t want out there or upload himself. It was supposed to be kept between mates,” Riolo said.


It has been reported that Carney had committed two other offences before this particular incident but it seems the club couldn’t put up with the player’s behaviour.

“The Cronulla Shark Football Club has today after careful consideration and lengthy deliberation, including discussions with senior NRL management, made a decision to terminate Todd Carney’s NRL playing contract effective immediately,” read a statement issued by club chief executive Steve Noyce.

“When Todd was first signed to the Sharks he was made well aware of his responsibilities both on and off the field, to himself, the club and to the game in general, however the photograph that appeared last night on social media does not meet the values and standards the club is looking to uphold and take into the future.

“As with any difficult decision, whilst you cant change the past, it is important to put measures in place that can deliver positive outcomes both in the present and into the future.

“The club and the NRL will be committed to working with Todd, his family and his management in implementing appropriate counselling and support, with the start of this process to begin tonight.”

Hat tip to the JOE boys for this one.