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26th May 2016

American father forces teen daughter to marry the man that raped and impregnated her

This is really beyond comprehension.

A father in Idaho reportedly took his 14-year-old daughter to another state so that she could marry the man who had raped and impregnated her.

Keith Strawn was sentenced to injury to a child this week and will now serve a minimum of 60 days.

“While you spend those 120 day in jail, perhaps you will think about the 120 days your daughter was in a vile farce of a marriage to a rapist,” Judge Greg Moeller said at Tuesday’s hearing.

Aaron Seaton is currently serving a 15-year sentence for the rape. Mashable reports that then 24-year-old Seaton came into contact with Strawn’s daughter when the two families went into business together.

Seaton reportedly took advantage of the teenager while she was drinking.

At the hearing, Strawn told Judge Moeller that his decision to enforce the marriage stemmed from his own religious beliefs.

“If you get them pregnant then you marry them,” he said.

Judge Moeller was horrified at the actions of both Strawn and Seaton.

Addressing Seaton, Judge Moeller said:

“Attempting to now present yourself as some kind of hero for trying to protect a pregnant teenager by marrying her yourself — I completely reject that as an explanation,” Moeller said. “This didn’t happen once; it happened multiple times, and you clearly groomed the victim,”

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