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23rd Nov 2015

A Kidnapped Woman Was Saved By a Petrol Station Cashier When He Sensed Something Wasn’t Right

Human instinct is an incredibly powerful thing.

Cassie Delaney

A car-jacker kidnapped a Philadelphia woman last week and holding her hostage, drove around with her visiting ATMs forcing her to withdraw money.

Pulling in a petrol station, the clerk noticed the woman seemed shaken and scared. When the car-jacker forced the woman to attempt to take money from the ATM, the card was declined. He then took her to the counter, forcing her to buy cigarettes. Manveer Komer was working behind the till and felt the woman was being coerced in a dangerous situation.

As the car-jacker made an attempt to leave, Komer intervened insisting the woman stay within the shop. He stood physically in front of the man who reached into his jacket alluding to a weapon. The man raced off in the woman’s car only to be caught later by the police thanks to a tracking device on a phone he had robbed form the woman.

Following the incident, Komer is seen on CCTV offering the woman water and his phone.