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21st Jun 2016

British teenager arrested for trying to kill Donald Trump

It happened at a rally.

Laura Holland

A British teenager has been arrested in America following an attempt to kill Donald Trump. 

19-year-old Michael Sandford, who is a British citizen, was at a Trump rally in Las Vegas when he tried to obtain a gun from a police officer to shoot and kill Donald Trump.

He began talking to the officer and pretended that he wanted to get an autograph from the Presidential candidate but instead tried to remove the gun from officer’s holster. He was intercepted and arrested for his attempts.

According to CNN, the court documents filed on the case state that, after being arrested, Sandford told police that he had driven from California to Las Vegas with the sole purpose of killing Trump.

He had visited a shooting range the day previous and according to the documents he “further stated that if he were on the street tomorrow, he would try this again.

“He claimed he had been planning to kill Trump for about a year but decided to act on this occasion because he finally felt confident about trying it.”