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14th Aug 2016

The most Galway fellas ever just gave RTE an absolutely hilarious interview about hurling

They have a secret plan to crush their rivals.

We’d pay good money to get these lads and Cork’s O’Donovan brothers into a room together, on camera, and just let them chat away.

It was a tough afternoon for Galway hurling supporters. They lost by one point in the All Ireland semi-final face-off against Tipperary.

Before the match, these Galway lads were interviewed by RTE about their county’s chances, and how they’ll keep on top of formidable Tipperary forward, Seamus Callanan.

The boys thought that Daithi Burke had the specialised training to take Callanan down.

Watch the clip below:

Says one: “Daithi Burke has been out on the farm, throwing heifers over gates. He’s strong as an ox.”

As one commenter on Twitter put it:

In the end, Burke had a good game…

…but it wasn’t enough in the end.

Hard luck, lads.

H/T to our pals in for bringing this to our attention.