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31st Oct 2017

The first ‘wedding department store’ just opened and it looks glorious

Trip to London, anyone?

Jade Hayden

wedding department store

Have you ever planned a wedding?

If the answer to that question is ‘no’ then you’ve been missing out on a world of stress, dress fittings, and miniature food tastings.

Weddings are rewarding and lovely and the best day of your life, probably, but they’re also a lot of effort.

Some would say, the most effort ever in the entire world even.

If only there was a place we could go where we could plan every aspect of the wedding in one spot.

A place containing bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, menswear, styling consultations, food, and flowers.

A place where we could sort out the whole theme of the day and have a gander at venues while sipping on a cool glass of Prosecco.

That place would be ideal.

And, lucky for us, one’s just opened in London.

The Wedding Gallery is a self-proclaimed luxury spot for all things wedding planning and inspiration.

Located in London’s One Marylebone, the two floors of stunning bridal chic are enough to satisfy even the pickiest of brides, maybe.

The store features dresses from an array of designers including Elie Saab, Charlie Brear, and J’aton Couture, with jewellery from Theo Fennell and Noor Fares.


Essentially, while you’re there, you can sort out everything from dresses to entertainment to food to drink to photographers to literally even the underwear you want to wear on your big day.

No wedding-themed stoned is left unturned in this department store.

Naturally, seeing how exclusive this place is, you need to book in advance if you want to visit.

Which is fair enough, like.

Not everyone can be exposed to such luxury at once.

So, cheap flight over to London anyone?