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18th Apr 2017

Women all over Ireland are demanding ‘Orgasms for All’ as part of online protest

Brought to you by Durex.

And we’re getting on board too.

Recently we caught wind of a fantastic protest that’s sweeping the nation, #OrgasmsForAll.

The idea was started by Durex Ireland after they conducted a countrywide survey to find out all about the nation’s sex lives.

They found that just one in six (15%) Irish women say they experience orgasm every time they have sex, compared to men who achieve orgasm almost four times more frequently (56%). Which seems pretty unfair to us.

Of the women who are managing to reach the big ‘O’, only half (51%) say their orgasm through sex is earth-shattering enough with 37% of women agreeing it could be better.

The shock findings are sparking a national debate on the issue and #OrgasmsForAll, a national movement calling for bedroom equality, has been established with the aim of bridging this significant pleasure gap.

And it seems like everyone is getting on board.

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The research, which was carried out in January 2017 amongst 2,104 Irish adults, also found that an incredible 22% of women say they never orgasm through sex, with a further 23% saying they wouldn’t expect to if their partner already has, which we think is unacceptable.

Speaking about the movement, Jennifer Zamparelli said: “The women of Ireland have spoken, they’re fed up with current levels of bedroom inequality and believe that they too should experience frequent earth-shattering orgasms. It’s time we get real with our partners, who believe we are reaching orgasm through sex 75% of the time, and start talking to them about how best to conquer the pleasure gap together.”

The key to solving the issue seems to lie in discussion. While almost half (49%) of women are not satisfied with how intensely they orgasm with their partner, few are willing to actually talk about it.

So, ladies get talking and start the conversation. Your sex life will thank you for it.


This article is brought to you by Durex.