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07th May 2013

When They’re Gone, They’re Gone – Tayto Bars Sell Out In Ireland

They didn't last very long...

Sue Murphy

We were all ecstatic when we discovered that Tayto would be selling a limited edition chocolate bar in Ireland. A chocolate bar filled with Tayto crisps. In fact, ecstatic would be a mild word. Everyone went a little crazy looking for these small wonders.

A limited edition of the product ran in Ireland with 100,000 chocolate bars becoming available, but unfortunately the product has now completely sold out, according to Digital Spy.

The bars were originally made in response to product requests from thousands of fans on social media.

Some of the bars were also raffled off in Australia by website Taste of Ireland. The site was initially set up so that Irish people could get a hold of their favourite products from home.

Eamonn Eastwood, CEO of the site, told the Herald Sun that the reaction to the raffle for 24 Tayto bars was off the scale: “I couldn’t believe the reaction, it went off the richter scale with almost half a million impressions.”

Mr. Tayto announced over on his facebook page that the bars would be limited edition on April 9th, but considering their popularity, Tayto would be crazy to not release the product again.


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