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08th Apr 2013

We’re Supporting Katie… Are You?

The Olympic heroine is backed by Toyota Ireland... #LetsGoKT!

When it comes to inspirational Irish women, they don’t come much better than Katie Taylor. 

And just to prove her style is a class of its own, the Olympic heroine is showing off her new wheels. No stereotypical ‘girlie’ drive for Katie, instead you’ll be seeing her crusing around in her new Toyota RAV4, an SUV that Taylor says is perfect for her trips to and from training and her socializing too. 

Toyota are proud to sponsor Katie, and in these exclusive videos for the brand she opens up about treat days, training tunes, and road trips. 

“As far back as I can remember, I always dreamt of becoming an Olympic champion, at that stage I didn’t even know what sport…” 

The legend looks back in time to when her boxing dream was just that, a dream of one day representing her country and making the whole population proud.

Enormous success in the sporting arena aside though, she really does come across as the girl next door. 


When she’s not boxing, her simple pleasures are just using the time to hang with friends, and go for a meal or to the cinema. As she says; “I have a great life outside boxing as well, I think it’s really important to have that balance. 

She has guilty pleasures similar to ours too. The sportswoman admits to enjoying Chinese food and pizza regularly, pointing out that it’s hard to resist temptation… tell us about it. Katie also claims to be something of a chocoholic, enjoying a bar a day. See, we’ve got so much in common.


One more thing? She’s got those embarrassing habits we all have. Taylor admits to listening to ‘Eye of the Tiger’, Rocky-style, at least once, and while driving around in her new RAV4 claims she’ll be singing along loudly to the radio… as long as she’s on her own. 

Watch the videos to hear more about Katie’s driving habits and upcoming plans, and don’t forget to check out the Toyota Ireland Facebook page to win boxing gloves and books signed by the heroine.

Also, get yourself on to Twitter and show your support for the superstar boxer, using the hashtag #LetsGoKT! She’s got the love and support of the country behind her, and #LetsGoKT is a great way to remind her that every time Katie gets in the ring, we’re backing her all the way!