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03rd Dec 2012

Watch The Money-Maker! Bloody And Bruised… What Happened Brad’s Face?

... and where's Ange?!

Don’t panic, it’s just one of a series of locations across the UK where Brad Pitt is shooting for his upcoming film World War Z.

The realistic crash scene had Pitt fans worried as he was snapped attempting to jump down from the damaged plane.

For some of the crash scene, Pitt had a body double. He was shown how to fall to the ground safely from his aeroplane seat once he released the belt.

The €104 million film is said to have had a troubled production, with a reported feud between Pitt and director Marc Fotster and reshoots ordered by studio bosses.

The carnage scene as Brad films his latest flick.

Pitt stars in the film as Gerry Lane, a UN worker battling a worldwide zombie outbreak. It is due out next June.

We can relax for now… Brad’s okay.

And he is not the only Hollywood A-list star using British locations for their latest blockbusters.

Tom Cruise brought Trafalgar Square to a standstill recently as he flew in by helicopter for filming on All You Need Is Kill.

In the film, due for release in 2014, Cruise plays a soldier fighting in a war with aliens who is caught in a time loop of his last day in battle.

He has also been seen landing at the Oval to shoot scenes for the film.