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15th Mar 2013

VIDEO: Mickey Mouse Club Days… A Young Ryan Gosling Shows Us Around His Hometown Of Cornwall

This is just too much for us... he's adorable.

In the early 90s the Mickey Mouse Club was the place to be, and Ryan Gosling was there. 

They did a series where they had their mouseketeers give tours of their hometowns, so Ryan set off to show the world his hometown, Cornwall, Ontario. 

You’ll probably want to save this video to watch again and again, we’re not joking. 

Here are the five cutest things small Ryan comes out with:

1. “This is my dog Smidgeon”

2. “Let me show you something, just up around this corner…”

3. “This park has a ten kilometre bike path where people just go and they bike”

4. “This cathedral would be a great place for a music video…”

And finally… 

5. “Come visit me”

Can we take you up on that offer now Ryan…?