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01st Mar 2017

Trinity now has a nap room… and we NEED every other college to get on board

Napping in college, living the dream really.

A campaign promised nap room has officially been opened at Goldsmith hall in Trinity.

The room was a manifesto promise of Aoibhinn Loughlin, and since taking office as the Welfare Officer she’s been working tirelessly to get the respite room up and running.

Filled with comfy couches, it’s the perfect place for students who want to catch forty weeks during the day, and it seems it’s only the beginning.

Loughlin has big plans for relaxation at Trinity, she wants to see the construction of more permanent nap rooms around the entire campus.

Why not we say? After hearing the news of nap rooms going mainstream, we began furiously researching and compiling proposals for our boss.

Check out some of our ABSOLUTE favorites below, let the sleep revolution begin.


Google pod nap room



Yolo treatment cabin spa NYC



UAE Student Unions ‘Nap Nook’