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25th May 2016

This school tried to implement ridiculous rules for debs dresses

It's a guide for what the girls should wear.

What year are we in again?

A school in New Zealand tried to implement a set of rules for the girls to adhere to when it came to their debs dresses. The rules included:

The rules included:

1. A split on the dress can only be up to the knee

2. The back of the dress cannot go below the armpit

3. There must be no cleavage AT ALL

4. You cannot take off your shoes no matter how sore your feet get

5. You must be in a serious relationship in order to bring a ball date

Some of the current students in Year 12 and 13 from the school in question, St Dominic’s College student, made an online petition for the rules to be abolished, calling them outdated and ‘sexist’.

It’s since been updated to say that the rules have been quashed but in the process the school denied any knowledge of the rules and claimed they were made up.