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29th Nov 2016

This little Irish flower girl’s to-do list is beyond adorable

SO cute!

This is so cute.

When little Niamh from Castlebar was asked to be a flower girl for her aunt she was delighted. She’s currently getting ready for the important role and in preparation she made out a weekly plan to help.

The six-year-old made a to-do list with chores and activities she needs to complete over the next few weeks in the run up to the wedding.

Her father Richie Heneghan posted a photo of her carefully made out weekly plan with the following message:
“Kids can put a smile on your face in the most unexpected ways.
In preparation for her aunt’s wedding in a few weeks in which she’s very excited to be a flower girl, Niamh has taken to planning her time between now and then.

This is her “to do” list for this week.”

Her weekly activities include practicing to walk down the aisle, learning to sew, a fitness workout and more walking down the aisle.

It’s gas!

thumbnail_Niamh's Time Table

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