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02nd Apr 2015

This Is Genius! BMW Wins April Fools For This Amazing Reverse Prank…

…Which turned out to be not a prank at all!


…Which turned out to be not a prank at all!

BMW New Zealand need to take a bow this week after a genius double bluff April Fools’ prank.

The car manufacturer ran an ad in a newspaper in New Zealand which read: “April Fools Day Special. Be the first person to bring your car, along with this coupon, into the BMW Newmarket dealership this morning, ask for Tom and we’ll swap your old car – whatever it is – for a brand new BMW.”

BMW’s ad that appeared on Wednesday.

That’s got to be a joke right?

Surely nobody would take it seriously? And if they did, BMW were probably going to laugh in their faces right?


Here’s what actually happened when Tiaana Marsh from Auckland went to the dealership.

Green with envy does not even cover it.

Video via YouTube/BMW NZ

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