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29th Oct 2016

This young cancer patient used her Make-A-Wish to help others

Such a selfless, admirable act.

Such a selfless, admirable act.

The Make-A-Wish foundation is an incredible charity. It provides young people who are or have been ill with incredible chances to make their dreams come true. Some people chose a holiday,  others chose to meet their favourite celebrity.

However, this 13-year-old girl who suffered from ovarian cancer used her own Make-A-Wish to help others.

Emma Allred was only 10 when she was diagnosed with cancer after stomach pains.

She then had to have her right ovary removed and underwent three months of intense chemotherapy from which she lost her hair. She was cancer free after her final treatment in 2013.

However, in 2015, she sadly found another tumour in her lower abdomen and there was a chance she might have to have a hysterectomy because it was surrounding her reproductive organs and colon.

It was removed, and she and her family decided to undergo surveillance instead of chemotherapy. She’s currently in remission, but her doctor discovered another mass on the surface of her liver, which will be removed on November 1st.

Make A Wish soon approached her to offer her whatever she wanted. After all this hardship and incredibly tough set backs it would be more than fair to see Emma enjoy herself in whatever way she wanted.

But instead, she chose something incredibly selfless.

Emma’s mum Nina told People about her daughters decision.

 “She said, ‘Mom, I know what I want to wish for. I want to help the homeless,’ ”

“I was taken aback, proud and humbled. She has a once in a lifetime opportunity to do just about anything and she wants to to use it for the homeless. That’s just amazing.”

“She could have had a shopping spree, gone anywhere or met anyone she wanted to,”

On October 1st Emma and her family along with the people at Make A Wish hosted a food drive to benefit local shelters and collected more than 13,000 pounds of food. Local organisations and a grocery store also contributed to the drive.

“It felt very good to help them,” Emma said. “In reality, the more you give, the more people smile. It helps their day.

We wish Emma, who is an absolute saint, a speedy recovery.

Emma is pictured in the centre on this image, holding the blue guitar.

Lead image via Twitter.