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29th Jan 2013

The Most Amazing Pencil Drawings You Will Ever See: British Artist Does “Photo-Realistic” Art

Kelvin Okafor's art is regularly mistaken for photographs.

He’s single-handedly creating a new era in the world of art…

Twenty-seven-year-old Kelvin Okafor is the creator of these “photo-realistic” pencil drawings which have been steadily gathering critical acclaim since he graduated in 2009.

Kelvin studied at Middlesex University and recently appeared on the BBC with his work.

Photo? No… Kelvin’s portrait of British artist Tinie Tempah

Since then, despite having been the recipient of multiple awards and hosting an exhibition in London, Kelvin’s reputation is only on the up.

The artist’s reputation is quickly on the rise.

Each pencil drawing takes between 80 and 100 hours to complete and are regularly mistaken for photographs.

The Nigerian-born artist still lives with his parents in Tottenham.

You can discover more of Kelvin’s work on his blog here.