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30th Nov 2018

‘Smart dress’ showed how many times women were groped in a club in one night

Jade Hayden

A ‘smart dress’ has shown how many times three women got groped in a club one night.

The dress, created by Ogilvy Sao Paulo, includes sensors that are triggered by touch. The technology then documents how often the garment is touched or groped.

Three women wore the dress to a club in Brazil and stayed for a total of four hours. They were touched 157 times altogether.

Oglivy released a video as part of their new campaign, showing footage of the women as they moved around the club.

The video starts by saying that 86 percent of Brazilian women have been harassed in nightclubs, and yet, the majority of men claim that they don’t notice it.

Anonymous men are then shown the footage at the end of the video. Their faces are blurred but they appear to be surprised and appalled by the sheer number of times that the women were groped.

It is not known if these men are the same ones from the beginning of the video, but it is suggested.

According to Vox, the dress was not created for consumer use, so unfortunately we’ll have to wait a little bit longer before we can hit the club and keep track of the exact number of times we’re touching inappropriately.