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10th Nov 2014

Sex Will Be For Pure Enjoyment By 2050, According To The Scientist Behind The Pill

The scientist made his claims in a newspaper interview.


Sex could be for fun alone by 2050, according to Professor Carl Djerassi, the man behind the contraceptive pill.

The leading scientist believes humans will use IVF to procreate within the next 36 years, removing the stress for women to fall pregnant as couples move to science to help conceive.

The now 91 year old spoke about his predictions in an interview with The Telegraph, where he believes there will be a huge increase in couples choosing to use IVF treatments:

“Over the next few decades, say by the year 2050, more IVF fertilisations will occur among fertile women than the current five million fertility-impaired ones. For them the separation between sex and reproduction will be 100 per cent.

“Artificial insemination will eventually become a normal non-coital method of having children.”

Professor Djerassi’s work led to the first synthetic version of orally induced progesterone. The final product was used to prepare the first contraceptive pill in 1961.

The innovation was credited with encouraging sexual liberation amongst women.