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04th Nov 2013

San Francisco To Be Transformed Into Gotham City So That A Five-Year-Old Cancer Victim Can Fulfil His Wish To Be Batman

Thousands have volunteered to help out on the day...

Five-year-old Miles has one wish, he wants to become Batman. On November 15th the Make-A-Wish foundation will turn San Francisco into Gotham City for a day and make his dream come true.

According to the Daily Mail, Miles will get a call from the police chief on the day, jump into his Batmobile and defend the city from attack.

Miles, who is currently battling life-threatening leukaemia, sees the superhero as a source of strength.

make a wish

On the day, he will be accompanied by a grownup Batman sidekick and will do battle against some of Batman’s fiercest enemies, the Riddler and Penguin.

Batkid’s missions will include saving a damsel in distress, preventing the Riddler from robbing a bank and stopping the Penguin from stealing the Gotham City Mascot.

The volunteers will be on hand to ask their hero for help and cheer in support.

We hope Batkid saves the city and gives Gotham the hero they deserve!