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21st Feb 2013

Not So Earth-Shattering: 28 Per Cent Of Men Admit To Faking An Orgasm

When it comes to sex, apparently we're not the only ones who fake it...


When it comes to faking orgasms, it turns out we’re not the only ones doing it. Are you ready to be a little shocked? A new study has found that nearly a third of men have faked an orgasm. Yes, really.

The study, which was carried out by the University of Kansas, found that while 68 per cent of women  have lied in the orgasm department every once in a while, 28 per cent of men have pretended to climax when they’re in bed with their other half.

The interesting thing about the study is that both men and women gave the same reason for their bedroom theatrics: if their partner was about to hit O-town, they felt under pressure to have an orgasm too.

Other commonly cited reasons were that they simply wanted the sex to end without hurting their partner’s feelings. Or they were just bored because they knew they weren’t going to get there.

The study, which has been published in the Journal of Sex Research, questioned 281 male and female students about their sexual habits.

The most common reason for faking it is to avoid hurting your partner’s feelings

“The emphasis on men’s ability to give their partners “earth-shaking orgasms” sometimes lead both women and men to pretend orgasm to meet these expectations,” said the report.

According to sex expert Tracey Cox, most women fake orgasms because they feel obliged to.

“Some women may feel they need to provide evidence that they’re enjoying themselves. Women may also bluff because they find it difficult to orgasm from penetrative sex alone,” said Tracey.

Last year a controversial study carried out by Columbia University claimed that wome fake orgasms as a form of ‘mate-guarding’ behaviour which prevents their partners from straying.