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17th Nov 2017

Nine-year-old Tralee girl gives sweetest donation to cancer charity

'They might cheer them up.'

Jade Hayden

A nine-year-old girl has given an incredibly sweet donation to a cancer support charity.

Anna Chute, from Tralee, created homemade bookmarks for those availing of cancer support house, Recovery Haven.

She also donated €20 of her communion money to the charity.

Anna said that she wanted to “cheer up” some of the people at the support house.

“I was hoping that some people at Recovery Haven might like them and they might cheer them up.

“I love reading and it makes me very happy.”

The bookmarks included notes encouragement that the primary school student hoped would make their experience a little easier.

Anna had originally planned to sell her bookmarks in the local library.

However, when she was told that this would not be possible, she decided to turn her attention to Recovery Haven instead.

The support house, which provides counselling services, classes, support groups, and one-to-one therapy to those living with cancer, have said they are touched by Anna’s selfless gesture.

The charity’s marketing officer, Marisa Reidy, said that the nine-year-old’s donation was really special.

“When we received Anna’s letter and bookmarks, we immediately invited her along to see what we do and show her that every euro we receive is put to great use to help and support cancer sufferers and their families across the county.

“She’s an amazing little girl and we are very grateful for her support.”

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