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14th Feb 2019

Why the next blog you follow should be this refreshingly honest mental health one

We can only take in so much #spons.

In the world we live in today, the influencer realm has been inundated with so many fashion, lifestyle and beauty bloggers that it’s honestly gotten too much.

And don’t get us wrong, we love looking at influencers on Instagram for some inspiration – but then we think about the realness of it; are they being paid to write about this? Do they actually believe in it?

We need more raw, honest human beings writing about their day to day lives – something we can relate to and communicate with… and that’s where this blog comes in.

Created by Laura Lynch, she first started On Days Like This to help with her anxiety.

“I decided to create this blog because I often found myself feeling quite worried, uncomfortable and nauseous when really I had nothing to actually worry about. Turns out, I had anxiety. If you have it, you know how much of a pain it is and if you don’t, you’re lucky! It affects so many people, but very few are willing to talk about it.

“I’m here to talk about my experience with anxiety, my self-development and to help others with their mental health and create a positive lifestyle/frame of mind.”

Blog posts cover everything from how to deal with tough times in work, self-balance and how to cope with The Fear (which I think we can all agree, we suffer from on a near-weekly basis).

Most of all though, Laura wants readers to feel more uplifted after reading On Days Like This, and hopefully the blog will have an impact on their lives.

“When people read my blog, I hope they find it refreshing and uplifting. There is a lot of content online that doesn’t reflect the normal daily emotions and real life stress that we all feel. I’d like to think that my writing can bring back a sense of normality to the readers and they can relate to the things I write about.

“There’s a huge social media cloud out there that distorts our sense of normality, effects our self image and impacts how we feel about ourselves. I have certainly felt the effects of social media and know it has caused me anxious feelings in the past. I just want my readers to live their best lives offline, not online, and I hope my blog can help with that.”

If you want to follow the blog, you can do so here.