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26th Mar 2019

This is the MUST have shower accessory for 2019 and it only costs €30

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Life changing stuff.

Do you find yourself hoarding products in the shower to no end?

They probably take up half the standing room at this stage, if you’re anything like us anyway.

WELL, the ShowerGem shower caddy is the new invention that allows you to store all of your shower essentials.

All you have to do is attach it to your tiles using the special (clear) glue that has been designed for wet shower environments, so no more screws, suction cups or drilling.


Shampoos, soaps, razors and loofahs, the ShowerGem shower caddy has a place to accommodate all of your shower needs.

Music to our ears, to be quite honest.


The ShowerGem was such a massive hit at the Ideal Home Show in October 2018 that it sold out twice by the end of the four-day event and they’re now exhibiting again at the Spring Ideal Home Show from the 12 – 14 April.

Also, their patented perfect-fit shelf design will securely hold even the largest of bottles, so you don’t have to worry about storing your bits on the floor.

And in case we’re not convincing you (why though?), the reviews online pretty much speak for themselves.

“I am very impressed with it. It did what it said on the tin, very easy to install, I fit it myself! It is wonderful for keeping the shower tidy and is very sturdy, I would highly recommend this ShowerGem.”

Say no more, Dympna. We’re in.

A two pack from the ShowerGem website website costs a very reasonable €39.99, with a one pack coming in at €29.99.

Worth every penny.

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