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16th May 2016

Mother releases heart-breaking video of daughter struck down by mystery illness after bug bite

The  mother of a girl afflicted with chronic illness has released a heart-breaking video in the hope of helping find a cure for her daughter.

Kirsty Keep, suffered a bug bite 11 years ago when she was 12-years-old. Since then she has been struck down with chronic pain and symptoms to an undiagnosed illness.

“Kirsty was bitten when she was 12 and her life has never been the same since,” writes mum Theresa.

“We need to get her tested for Lyme disease  she is getting more and more sick every day, she is always in pain, sick and has seizures (fits), Kirsty spends 90% of her time in bed she has to have 24/7 care she can’t be left on her own this is not a life for a 23-year -old.”

According to The Metro, her condition has recently worsened and the young woman has been in and out of hospital multiple times in the last month.

Mum Theresa says Kirsty begs to be taken to a Swiss suicide clinic every day. A heart breaking video shows the young woman in hospital, obviously in chronic pain.

“Kirsty is getting worse.”

“She can’t take medication as she’s vomiting so much, she’s tired, she’s weak and she wants to die.”

“Kirsty is saying it’s to much and just take her to Switzerland as she has no faith left.”

“I feel like time is running out,” she said.

Doctors have said that the condition is Lupus but recently a doctor at Guy’s Hospital has stated that he believed it could be Lyme Disease. Tests have come back negative so family and friends are raising funds to take Kirsty to a treatment centre in Florida.

“I hate to ask for this but I don’t have a choice. Thank you all for what you a have already done love to you all” writes a desperate Thereasa.

You can donate HERE.