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22nd Dec 2012

Mary Is In Desperate Need of Shelter This Christmas

It's like the story of Christmas all over again but will there be a happy ending this time?

Mary, who is expecting a little one, is looking for a place to stay this Christmas. And no, we’re not talking about that Mary!

A donkey called Mary is in desperate need of a place to stay and she’s not the only one as four animals could end up being put down if they can’t find a home over the holidays.

Four donkeys could end up being out down if they can’t find a home.

Danny Curran, who owns the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary, has called for help to find somewhere for them as he has no room.

He explained: “I basically have no room at the Inn for ‘Mary and the three wise men’ as we have called them. I would never turn an animal away but we are simply bursting to capacity.”

But it’s not like the animals will simply be left to wander around as they were found doing by gardaí. They will be put down.

“If we do not find homes for them, they will have to be put in the pound and then destroyed over Christmas,” Danny told the Irish Examiner.

“One of the donkeys, Mary, is in foal and will need to be looked after. But the other three, the three wise men, are all in good condition. Even if we can get temporary homes over the Christmas period, then we can get something sorted in the new year.”

Now if this story doesn’t tug on the heartstrings we don’t know what will and we only hope that, like in the traditional story of Christmas, they will find room somewhere.