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03rd Dec 2012

Love/Hate Actor Defends Violence in New Series

The popular crime drama has returned with a bang but how do the stars feel about claims it glamorises violence?

Irish heartthrob Robert Sheehan has defended the new series of Love/Hate which has been accused of glamorising violence.

The 24-year-old actor, who plays Darren in the show, said: “I honestly don’t think it glamourizes violence.”

Robert Sheehan has spoken out about the violence in the show.

“At no point do I watch the show and do I think these guys are heroes for pulling guns on people or, you know, threatening women,” he added. Well we’re certainly glad to hear it!

Robert did however admit that the violence has become a little more graphic in the new series of the RTÉ programme.

“I don’t think there’s anything laudable in their violence at all. I mean, I think this year, maybe the violence has been presented more explicitly than it did last year.”

That’s a good point Robert. Now if you’d just like to come around and watch the next episode with us, that would be great!

The actor plays Darren in the crime drama.