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01st Feb 2016

Looks Like There’s Another Household Bill We’re All Going to Have to Fork Out For


Cassie Delaney

TV Licenses, Property Tax, Water Charges; the list of ridiculous unexpected taxes and bills seems never ending.

The government have just gone and created another great one with Minister for the Environment, Alan Kelly, just signing off on new bin charges.

The charges will see Irish households charged for every kilo of waste they produce from July 1, ON TOP of the regular bin company service charge. The charge will also be applicable to green bins meaning we’ll all be billed for recycling.

The Sunday Business Post has estimated that the costs will create an 11% increase per lift for general waste, 6% for brown bins and green bins at 2%.

Kelly is one of the key candidates in the forthcoming election. Speaking to the Independent’s Niamh Horan, he spoke of his ambition.

“I went to school at four; I finished at 16 and had my degree at 19. I was achieving early in life,” he said. “I am very ambitious. Extremely ambitious”.

“Anybody who says that power isn’t attractive is telling you a lie. Of course it is,” he continued.

“It’s obviously a drug. It’s attractive. It’s something you thrive on. It suits some people. It doesn’t suit others. I think it suits me.”