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01st Jul 2018

Study shows this phone habit will probably end a relationship

Is it time to ditch your mobile?

We all know the benefits of technology, and the important part in plays in modern day dating.

From Tinder swipes, to those initial first texts, to keeping up the contact in a long-distance relationship, it’s safe to say we’d be lost without our phone.

But according to new research, you might want to stash your phone if you don’t want to be dealing with a relationship breakdown.

couple fighting

A study conducted by Baylor University conducted two separate surveys of 500 US adults, to analyse the effects of your phone on your pairing.

Dubbed ‘Pphubbing’, or partner phone snubbing, researchers found that feeling like your partner prioritizes their phone over your relationship and communication had lasting negative effects on their relationships.

Nearly half of all couples (46 per cent) said they felt the phone took priority over their feelings, while nearly 23 per cent said it had caused huge fights in their relationship.

Couples who felt their partner was addicted to their phone reportedly feeling lower levels of relationship satisfaction and believed the technology was one of the main reasons of conflict for couples.

Published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, researchers also noted that those who noted more conflict in their relationship were also more likely to report greater levels of depression.

So how can you save your phone from ruining your relationship?

The study authors suggest making screen-free activity as part of your dates, and leave the phone outside the bedroom for at least half an hour before you hit the hay.

“Don’t tempt yourself. Turn off push notifications. No alert? No temptation.”

Besides, if you really care about someone, ditching the Facetime for some upfront eye-contact shouldn’t be that much of a hassle.