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16th Nov 2012

Irish Men Describe Their ‘Perfect Woman’

Apparently the men of Ireland are looking for a woman who resembles Lisa Kudrow: blonde and scientific!

It seems that the men of Ireland aren’t as shallow as you might think. A new poll has revealed their ideal woman is a blonde scientist.

The study, in which over 2,000 men said what they found most attractive in the opposite sex, showed that they preferred clever women according to the Irish Sun.

As well as being blonde and having a Bachelor of Science degree, the men of Ireland also admitted that their perfect woman would have green eyes, be a non-smoker and a social drinker. Sure they’re not fussy, are they?!

Actress Amanda Seyfried has blonde hair and green eyes.

The site,, who carried out the research also discovered that Irish guys would be willing to fork out over €170 for a first date with this ideal woman. At that price, they would need to be going somewhere nice!

The poll did get us thinking however as to what our perfect man would be like… perhaps Ryan Gosling’s looks with the brain of Einstein and Peter Kay’s sense of humour?