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30th Jun 2017

This Irish couple’s road trip video is downright cinematic

Prepare for J1 nostalgia.

This is dreamy.

Heading stateside and taking to the open road – it’s a bucket-list trip for lots of us, but how many actually make it happen?

Well, Dublin-based filmmaker Leigh Dalton and his girlfriend Vivienne McNulty hit the US in May for what looked like the road trip of a lifetime.

They made their way from LA to San Francisco, Yosemite, Las Vegas, Page in Northern Arizona so we could visit Lower Antelope Park, the Grand Canyon and back to Santa Monica over 16 days, and Leigh captured the whole thing in a stunning video.

“I have always been into filmmaking,” Leigh told Her.

“When DVDs started being released I became obsessed with the behind-the-scenes footage as it showed the production. It got to the point where I was watching the special features more than the movies.”

He messed around with videos as a teenager before his Dad, a photographer, loaned him his DSLR camera and he hasn’t looked back since.

He’s now a freelance cinematographer – something that’s easy to tell by watching this video.

“I’m a very happy with the finished product,” Leigh said.

“I just want to have people watch the video and enjoy it. If it’s someone who has been to the US already and my video makes them feel nostalgic or if it’s someone considering a trip and inspires them to go ahead with it, then the video has served it’s purpose.”

As for his and Vivienne’s next adventure?

“We are deciding on our next trip and so far it looks like it will be Africa or New Zealand.”

You can check out Leigh’s Youtube channel here.