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07th Dec 2012

If You Ever Meet Chris O’Dowd, You Might Want to Avoid…

He seems so lovely and laidback but there is something that rubs Chris up the wrong way!

If we just happened to bump into Chris O’Dowd one day (please let it happen), the first thing we’d do is pull out our iPhones and get a snap.

But we might have to change our plan of attack as it turns out the Bridesmaids star doesn’t like having his photograph taken all the time. And yes, we don’t know why either! 

Dawn and Chris live in London and get asked for photos all the time.

In fact Chris said that it’s the one thing he doesn’t like about London where he lives with wife Dawn: “London is the best city in the world, so I’d find it hard to leave for good.

“The only part I find frustrating at times – and I don’t mean to sound petty – is the amount of time you spend having your picture taken with people. I don’t see my friends a lot, yet I’ll spend an hour every night out being photographed.”


The actor has made huge strides during the last few years thanks to Bridesmaids.

During the interview with the UK edition of Marie Claire magazine, the actor also revealed that he doesn’t think his luck will last much longer.

“Everyone is so friendly and genuinely likes what I’ve done. I’m sure that’ll change… the backlash is just around the corner,” he explained.

Somehow we can’t see that ever happening: who would get tired of seeing that loveable face on the screen?