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17th Jul 2015

Here’s The Reason Every Woman Should REALLY Head To The Gym (Thank Us Later)

No, it has nothing to do with your weight.

While we all know the health benefits of a gym workout, the latest study will have you pulling out a sports bra and lacing up those runners in no time.

A new study has proven that women who frequently exercise become aroused more quickly, having an orgasm faster and more intensely.

Forget the fact that regular exercise can build up your stamina, and make the act of sex last longer, researchers at the University of Texas found that females who push for the burn were dramatically more responsive to sexual stimuli.

spin bikes

In an experiment testing the link between rigorous exercise and sexual satisfaction, female participants were asked to ‘vigorously cycle’ for 20 minutes. They were then asked to watch a short porn film.

A second group were then asked to watch the same porn film, but without having done any exercise beforehand.
The results?

The cyclists were 169% more aroused than their non-exercising counterparts.

woman lying in bed

Explaining the research, sexual coach Dr. Lisa Turner told Women’s Health:

“Cardiovascular exercise helps blood pump faster, and when you get excited, blood surges into the clitoral bulbs, making the entire region around the vagina responsive to pleasure.

“Resistance training is proven to increase testosterone in women, vital for maintaining arousal and libido.”

Not a fan of step aerobics?

Apparently regular short bursts of dancing can have the same effect.

Zumba anyone?