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04th Dec 2012

Festive Magic: Classic Christmas Film The Snowman is Returning With a Sequel!

Yes, Channel 4 have announced that a sequel to the much-loved 1982 animated film will be airing this Christmas Eve. We reckon it'll have us "walking in the air" (hah! See what we did there?)

If there’s one thing that Christmas is synonymous with, it’s the classic 1982 animated film The Snowman (also known as the film that brought us the epic Walking in The Air). And we are very pleased to report that The Snowman is being brought back for Christmas 2012!

Yes, Channel 4 have just released this trailer for the much-anticipated sequel to Raymond Briggs’ Christmas classic and this time, the snowman has a new friend – a snowdog! Awesome, right?

Anyway, The Snowman and The Snowdog is set 30 years after the original film. A new boy is living in the same house from the first film and he comes across an old box that contains a picture of the snowman, his hat and his scarf.

The boy is inspired to make his own snowman and sure enough, when the clock strikes midnight, the festive magic begins…

You can catch The Snowman and The Snowdog on Channel 4 this Christmas Eve.