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15th May 2013

Epic Fail! Grave Mistake Made by Hearse Driver in Drogheda

It gets worse... there WAS a body inside.

Working away quietly, just another dead day on the job… and then this happens.

This mortifying moment for one hearse driver in Drogheda was caught on camera, and after it was posted to Facebook on Tuesday it became the inspiration for quite a bit of dark humour.

It’s not clear when the incident actually happened, as Sean Smyth who originally uploaded the photo writes: 

“Don’t know why this has taken me so long to post! Me and my dad were driving through Drogheda one day and we stopped behind a hearse at some traffic lights. My dad said that something wasn’t right with the hearse, but i didn’t pay any attention until it pulled off… and then this happend. 

The hearse driver didn’t know what to do so he called over to help (after I took a shnaky pic) and as we were helping him put it in the back of the hearse we found out there was in fact a dead man inside it… he drove away then with the coffin back in place and a smashed window!!” [SIC]

Let’s hope the hearse driver isn’t haunted by his mistake.