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14th Aug 2013

Eleven Signs You Have Let Go Of Your College Years

Just... let it go.

Sue Murphy

We know what it’s like, we have all been there, clinging on to those college days for dear life. However, you’re now past that. You really miss those times, you miss them so much you really want to go on living like they were never over. Maybe you just need to let them go. Here are eleven signs you have already let go of your college years…

1. You fall asleep in nightclubs.

Somehow, you also managed to fall asleep at that rave too. You just needed a snooze.

2. That skirt.

Honestly, it was fine when you were 22 but now you feel a little self-conscious wearing it now. That’s fine, you can let it go.

3. None of your friends have posters on the walls anymore.

Now, you have fancy canvases. Some of them even have art. REAL ART!

4. You have a considerably alright balance in your bank account.

Should you spend it on alcohol? No, you’re saving for that deposit on your house. Those days are gone.

5. You feel a bit drunk, so you go home.

Yes, you are responsible now. You go home when you feel a little tipsy.

6. You have more food in your press than just noodles.

Now, you even make time to cook. There was none of that nonsense in college. You just didn’t have the time.

7. You read books because you want to...

And not because someone has forced you to read a chapter on Greek pottery that discusses battle scenes. No, now you read novels… BECAUSE YOU WANT TO!

8. You iron clothes…

You never even knew what an iron looked like in college, in fact you’re pretty sure your mother owned the only iron in existence. Not anymore, now you iron your knickers.

9. You pay for your own hair.

No longer does your roommate cut your hair! Now, you have a fancy hairdresser.

10. You drink in the pub.

Before you finished college, you used to guzzle a litre of vodka before you left the house. Now, you don’t mind having a couple of pints before you decide you hate clubs and want to stay in the pub for the night.

11. You no longer have playlists on your computer.

And if you do, they are for running, not parties…