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20th Feb 2013

Daily Tips To Conserve Energy At Home

Make your world a little greener by conserving energy at home with these simple tips. Bonus? You'll save money too!

Save money and do some good for the world around you by using simple measures to conserve energy in the home. If you’re not sure where to start – don’t worry! We’ll be bringing you one great energy-saving tip every day for the next few weeks.


Consider going solar


If you really want to dedicate yourself to saving energy and helping the environment, one of the main ways in which you can do this is by switching to solar energy. Believe it or not, we do actually get enough sunshine in Ireland for solar panels to pay off majorly when it comes to saving money.

The benefits of kitting your home out with solar power are many. It’s renewable and natural which means it doesn’t put any strain on the environment. It’s non-polluting – solar power doesn’t emit any nasty gases or carcinogens into the air. It’s inexpensive: once you buy the equipment, panels don’t cost you anything to run.

Solar panels require very little maintenance. They can last a lifetime and, finally, solar power is completely silent.

You can use solar energy in your home to heat water, dry clothes, power appliances and produce light amongst other things.

The best thing about choosing to switch to solar power in Ireland is the fact that the government operates a number of grants to householders who want to buy a new renewable energy heating system for their home.

There has never been a better time to consider switching to solar energy. Not only will you be saving money and helping the environment, you’ll also be helping to stop the effects of global warming too.

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