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06th Jun 2020

There is an Irish company is selling plants that you can use to grow your own soap


We kind of love this idea.

Plants have become a big thing recently, a big thing.

People are rekindling (or just finding) their love of gardening and people are cleaning and rearranging their houses, which of course involves decorating the rooms with some lovely new indoor plants. Some people have even started planting their own veggies and herbs and fruit.

So we’re certainly no strangers to the joy and beauty that plants can bring, and we’ve seen the edible usefulness that comes from fruit and herbs, but we’ve recently come across a plant that supposedly creates soap and, well, it’s a game changer really.

Jiminy Eco Toys are the creators of this intriguing product, along with plenty of other eco-friendly toys, mostly for kids but soap is for all ages so the kids will just have to share this one.

We’re constantly on the lookout for more wonderful skin products that are filled with natural, delicate ingredients and are environmentally friendly so the idea of being able to grow our own soap just from a few flower seeds is amazing.

What Jiminy Eco Toys has done is created a plant box that they will send out to you. The box includes Soapwort seeds, which is apparently the base for the soap. Then they also include various other plant seeds such as Saponaria officinalis, Mint, Pot Marigold, Lavender, and others which all contribute to making your soap work properly and smell divine.

The Jiminy box also includes the soil you need to grow your plants as well as growing tips and recipes. The seeds in the box are all organically grown, the box and items are all 100 percent plastic-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, and the entire thing is compostable too. All what we love to hear.

You can order one of your own boxes from their website, where they’re currently on sale for €19.99, and they also have boxes to grow your own paints, gourmet flowers, and cocktails – so something for every day of the week!