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03rd May 2013

Colour in Your Weekend – Make Your Time Off Count!

No plans this weekend? We've got some suggestions...

Another weekend rolls around… what have you got planned? We’ve paired up with [yellow tail] wines to bring you three suggestions every Friday on how to make the most of your weekend…


Friday night – Pamper party 

Prep yourself for the long weekend with a little pampering session. Get into your PJs, lay out some snacks and a glass of your favourite tipple, and stick on an old movie you love. While it plays, paint your nails, don a face mask and generally pamper that body… it’s worked hard for you all week.


Sunday Afternoon – See an old friend 

It’s one of the things you swear you’ll do every weekend, but time flies and before you know it another weekend is over. Act now and call that person you want to catch up with, and make plans for a glass of wine and a chat over the long weekend. With no work hanging over you for Monday, the hour planned can happily turn into several!


Monday Morning – Sleep in and sleep it off 

One of life’s little luxuries, the sleep in that comes with a Bank Holiday Monday is a small joy that’s worth its weight in gold. No alarm clock shrilling at you to wake up and get into another week, just blissful slumber through the small hours. When you do wake, go and get yourself a nice breakfast and a good coffee, (if you can get someone else to make it for you, all the better), then head straight back to bed with a good book. Happy days.



“Life tastes sweeter with friends and family”