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01st Mar 2018

You can now get a tattoo infused with a loved one’s human hair

tattoo human hair


You know the way everyone else says not to get someone else’s name tattooed on your body?

Chances are you’ll end up falling out of love or breaking up with that person, only to have a constant reminder of them etched into your skin.

One might even argue that the only acceptable time to tattoo a person’s name onto your body is if that person has tragically passed away – at least that way you know they won’t be able to betray you in any way.

In a similar vein, it would probably safe to say that getting a tattoo infused with a person’s human hair is… not the greatest idea in the world.

(Unless that person has tragically passed away of course – then it’s sort of lovely.)

You’re probably wondering though how such a feat would even be possible, and whether there is even a gap in the market for such a bizarre practice.

As it turns out, it is possible… and there is a demand for it too.



Tattoo ink company Skin46 are launching a Kickstarter campaign to get their hair infused ink business venture off the ground.

The concept is actually pretty simple – send a bit of hair off to their lab in Switzerland, the guys over there break down the hair into medically clean carbon, and this is then used to create the tattoo ink.

The ink is then sent back to the customer who gives it to their tattoo artist to ink them with.

“100 percent safe and unique,” they say.

It isn’t just human hair Skin46 work with it either – they also use pet hair which, yeah OK, is probably the sweetest thing in the entire world and we have absolutely been sold on this whole idea.

One person who opted to have her pet’s hair tattooed onto her skin was German model Makani Terror.

She travelled all the way to California to have the tattoo of her cat, Gizmo, done last year.

And we have to say, it looks class.

You can join Skin46’s early bird list here.